Smart Metering Services

Metering system capable of measuring the energy added to or extracted from an electric or fluid stream.

What is Sub-metering?

Sub-metering is defined as the measurement of energy (e.g. chilled water) consumption and subsequent cost allocation within a building on a consumption unit basis including common areas. These costs are then charged to each flat, i.e. individual apartments or offices and their tenants respectively based on their individual consumption.

Tenants will pay for their own consumption and arrange their energy finances restoring the "pay for what you use concept’’ and leading to ‘Greener’ property. You shouldn’t be charged for your neighbor’s consumption!

Buildings don’t consume energy, people do. Mindful users of energy will benefit more of sub-metering; abusers will have to be penalized.

If you don’t know where it is being used, you cannot manage it. Establishes the breakdown of energy usage and identifies where energy is at its greatest and the minor loads

LEED and Green buildings rating credits. Abu Dhabi Estidama pearl rating system & Dubai green building legislation will require it. Saudi, Qatar, and Bahrain started already. RERA new regulation enforcing metering. This will enhance cost awareness and trigger savings (potential savings of 15-30% proven)